About the app

Don’t miss reading your child their favourite bedtime story because you are away from home!

”Read to me…….please” How often do we hear this as a parent ? 

Reading with your child can be fun, informative, and gives them confidence when in the comfort of their own home reading with their Mum or Dad.

Unfortunately we can’t always be there. However, with ‘Read to me’ you can record personal stories as well as their favourite books that you and your child enjoy. So next time you are working away from home and your child says ”read to me” it’s only a click away !

The concept of  ‘Read to me’ is for parents who travel away from home and cannot always be there at bedtime when their child wants a story read to them. International Sales people, Forces personnel,  everyone finds themselves away from their loved ones at some time or another and ”Read to me” gives them that opportunity to not miss out on those missed days at home.

‘Read to me’ solves that problem and the parent who is away from home can read the favourite story to the child which has previously been recorded on their  ipad/iphone/android phone or tablet and this can be played back to their child in the comfort of their own bed while the parent is away from home.

‘Read to me’, allows the parent to pre-record any one of the child’s favourite story books or even make one up yourself, including taking a photo of the front cover or your own pictures and adding pages as you go. The photo enables the child to quickly identify which icon relates to that story.
The children choose their favourite books and the parent can store them in the app by recording themselves with their child while they are at home together. Then when the parent is away the child can choose any one of the pre recorded stories and listen to their parent reading their favourite story.

‘Read to me’ also encourages paired reading, which the children in year 2 are doing in the classroom. This technique is fun, it strengthens the bond between parent and child and gives the child confidence when reading together and is also fun for both parent and child.