How it works ?

Read, record your voice and take pictures of your child's favorite bedtime stories

Open 'Read to me' and under 'parent control' check the 'recording' and 'delete story' with a tick. This will allow you to add or delete stories. To add a new story from the home page press 'record story' then 'new story'.



You can take a picture of the cover of the book and give it a name.

This will be the icon when you open 'Read to me'.

Once a photo and name have been chosen press 'First Page'.

Here you can take a picture of the first page and begin to record your voice reading the story. 'Read to me' has the added function to add multiple pages including taking a picture of each page. Alternatively, the story can be recorded in one. Once finished recording press the 'stop', this allows the app to save the pictures and the recording.

Only then can the 'finish'  button be pressed.

When the recording has been finished, parental controls should be unchecked to prevent the story being deleted.

The app can be closed and ready for the child to have it read to them at bedtime.

The child can open 'Read to me' which will show as many icons as have been recorded. Once the icon is opened the story can be played back and enjoyed listening to their parent reading to them even when they are not home.

Included in the app is my own story of Croaky and Snappy, a story I have been telling my two boys as they have grown up. I have included this to show you how you can create your own personal  story, add illustrations and more importantly have loads of fun together. Ask your child to do the illustrations for you and then take a picture of it.